10 Button Dual Speed Radio Remote Control

Model name: ARC-1002

This Remote Control comes with 1 Transmitter and 1 Receiver
Transmitter :
1 Emergency Stop,Stop/Start Push Buttons,Main Hoist Up/Down Double Step Push Buttons,Auxiliary Hoist Up/Down Double Step Push Buttons,Left/Right Double Step Push
Buttons,Forward/Reverse Double Step Push Buttons.
Signal , Emergency and Low Battery Indications
1 Start Relay , 1 Alarm Relay , 1 Safety relay in Series with Start Relay
1 Main Hoist Up Relay ,1 Down Relay, 1 Main Hoist Up/Down 2nd Step Relay
1 Auxiliary Hoist Up Relay ,1 Down Relay, 1 Auxiliary Hoist Up/Down 2nd Step Relay
1 Left Relay ,1 Right Relay, 1 Left/Right 2nd Step Relay
1 Forward Relay ,1 Reverse Relay, 1 Fwd/Reverse 2nd Step Relay
19 Core Cable to connect to the Control Panel along with ferrule numbers
Signal , Power and Start relay Indications.
Wiring Diagram Sticker and Mounting Brackets.

ARC-1001 10 Way Radio Remote Control
Remote control Memory card module
ARC-1001 10 Way Radio Remote Control

Technical Data:

Communication & Transmission Frequency
Frequency Band 2.4Ghz (Industrial ,Scientific & Medical )
Spread Spectrum Technology Direct Sequency Spread Spectrum
Number of Channels 16
Channel Bandwidth 2 Mhz
Co-Existance with multi Radios 100 Radios
Transmit Power Default:Auto Power
(configurable):-17dBm to +4dBm
Line of Sight Range 200 Meters
Communication Type Half Duplex Closed Loop
Reception Sensitivity -103 dBm


10 Button Dual Speed Radio Remote Control “2 years warranty” on internal electronics circuits from the date of Dispatch
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If you don’t find value with this product, we will Provide a No-Questions-Asked - “30 Days Money Back Guarantee” from date of dispatch

Key Features:

Ten customizable Buttons
Dual speed control
Versatile applications
Easy to use interface

Packing Details:

10 Button Dual Speed Radio Remote Control comes in a durable and eco-friendly Packing designed to ensure safe delivery.

1 Transmitter with 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
1 Receiver with 1.5 Meters Cable
1 Test Report , 1 Wiring Diagram, 1 Delivery Challan, 1 Tax Invoice


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