Rohit Dewani
Rohit Dewani Oct 16, 2023


Limit Switches for EOT Cranes

In the world of heavy-duty machinery, safety plays a paramount role. EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) cranes are no exception. To ensure smooth and secure operation, limit switches for EOT cranes come into the picture. Limit switches are essential control mechanisms that trigger an automatic action when the crane reaches a certain limit or position. In this article, we will delve into the lever, gravity, and rotary limit switches, each serving a unique purpose in optimizing the safety and efficiency of EOT cranes.

different limit switches

Lever Limit Switch: Keeping Movements in Check

When it comes to detecting the upper and lower limits of crane movements, the lever limit switch takes center stage. This versatile switch utilizes a mechanical lever arm that is equipped with an actuator. As the crane approaches the desired position, the actuator triggers a response that halts or changes the direction of the crane. Lever limit switches deliver precise control, preventing unwanted collisions or over-extension of crane components.

Key Features of Lever Limit Switches

1. Mechanical detection mechanism with an actuator-equipped lever arm
2. Halts or changes crane movement when desired position is reached
3. Enables precise control to prevent collisions or over-extension

Gravity Limit Switch: Mastering Safety with Gravitational Pull

For a fail-safe protection mechanism, gravity limit switches come to the rescue. These switches operate based on the principle of restoring forces. When the crane reaches predetermined limits, gravitational forces act upon the switching mechanism, triggering an immediate stoppage of crane movement. The gravity limit switch is a reliable companion for EOT cranes, ensuring operational safety by swiftly curbing any potential risks.

Key Features of Gravity Limit Switches

1. Quick response time triggered by gravitational forces
2. Promotes fail-safe operations by halting crane movement
3. Supports safety by instantaneously recognizing potential risks

Rotary Limit Switch: Embracing Accuracy and Versatility

Versatility takes the stage with rotary limit switches. These switches use a rotating wheel or cam mechanism, providing an accurate feedback system for the crane's upper and lower limits. With precise positioning capability, rotary limit switches allow for the implementation of complex controls and multiple limit points. By utilizing a variety of cams, EOT cranes can be programmed to execute intricate movements while ensuring safety at every level.

Key Features of Rotary Limit Switches

1. Utilizes a rotating wheel or cam mechanism for accurate feedback
2. Enables implementation of complex controls and multiple limit points
3. Provides precise positioning capability for enhanced safety and flexibility

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the purpose of limit switches in EOT cranes?
Limit switches contribute to the safety and efficiency of EOT cranes by automatically stopping or changing the direction of movement when predetermined limits are reached.

2. Are all limit switches suitable for heavy-duty operations?
No, limit switches come in various forms suitable for different applications. It is advised to choose limit switches specifically designed for heavy-duty operations like EOT cranes.


In the world of EOT cranes, precision and safety hold the key to seamless operations. Lever, gravity, and rotary limit switches, each equipped with unique features, offer enhanced control and safety measures for these heavy-duty machines. Anand Systems Engineering Pvt Ltd provides IP41 and IP55 types of limit switches, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability. Let the limit switches for EOT cranes guide your operations towards greater precision and safety!