MAKS 12 Button Dual Step

Model name: MAKS-1202

Introducing the “Maks” series - the latest and most advanced industrial radio remote control for EOT cranes and Hoists. With our new and unique product, you'll never have to worry about servicing the remote control again! Maks series remote control is designed with replaceable buttons, which means that you can easily replace any button within 2 minutes that stops working instead of having to replace or send for repair the entire remote control. This feature not only saves you time and money, but also ensures that your operations run smoothly and uninterrupted.

ARC-1201 12 Way Radio Remote Control

Technical Data:

Frequency : 2.4 Ghz ISM Band.2.405-2.480Ghz.
RF Modulation :DSSS with OQPSK
Channels:16 Automatic Frequency Hopping ; Channel
Specifications:Bandwidth-2 Mhz Spacing-5 Mhz
Coexistence:more than 100 Radios in same area
RF power:+4dBm ; Range:100 Meters
Communication:Half Duplex Closed Loop
Receiver Sensitivity :-103dBm
Antenna : Interna

* With Automatic Frequency Hopping technology, busy channels are
automatically changed, in Transmitter & Receiver without operator
knowledge, to maintain communication.
* With Proprietary 128-bit AES Encryption, communication between
Transmitter & Receiver is protected, safe & unhackable
* DSSS technology avoids intentional interference such as radio jammers
& unintentional interference from nearby cell phone towers


MAKS Benefits :

● Crane Operation will never be halted due to faulty push buttons.
● Operator can instantly replace push buttons within 2 minutes.
● Disruptions & Panic will vanish.
● You will get guaranteed 1000+ hours of battery life. No Range issues.


MAKS 12 Button Dual Step Radio Remote Control “2 years warranty” on internal electronics circuits from the date of Dispatch
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Get in touch with us at 91376-20579, or visit our website
Money Back Guarantee:
If you don’t find value with this product, we will Provide a No-Questions-Asked - “30 Days Money Back Guarantee” from date of dispatch

Key Features:

maks 12 button Dual step customizable Buttons
Dual step control
Versatile applications
Easy to use interface

Packing Details:

maks 12 button single step comes in a durable and eco-friendly Packing designed to ensure safe delivery.

1 Transmitter with 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
1 Receiver with 1.5 Meters Cable
1 Test Report , 1 Wiring Diagram, 1 Delivery Challan, 1 Tax Invoice


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