Crane Pendant Controls FAQ

Rohit Dewani
Rohit Dewani February 20, 2020
Crane Pendant with a LCD display.

What is a pendant on a crane?

A pendant is a plastic or a metal enclosure with Buttons and switches connected via a wire( a tethered connection) to the electrical control panel of an electric overhead crane.

What is a pendant Station?

A pendant station is a device with which an operator can operate a crane with the help of switches directly connected to the control panel via a wire.

How do you control a crane?

A crane can be controlled with a push button type crane pendant, a push button type crane wireless radio remote control , joystick type radio remote control or a master Controller.Once the appropriate command is received by the crane control panel, the corresponding motion of the crane will be switched on.

How does a crane Pendant operate?

A crane Pendant operates by switching ON or OFF push buttons. These Push Buttons can be NO NC type, Single Step or Double Step . Depending on the type of push button, Anand Crane Pendants send data to the receiver which in turn switches ON/OFF a relay.