Crane Radio Remote Controls FAQ

Rohit Dewani
Rohit Dewani February 16, 2020
Crane Pendant with a LCD display.

What frequency do Crane Radio Remote Controls Used?

Depending upon the rules and regulations of a particular country , many different unlicensed frequency spectrums can be used for wireless control of cranes.

In China - 2.4Ghz
In India - 335Mhz , 433Mhz , 865Mhz - 867Mhz , 2.4Ghz
In USA - 900 Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz
Europe - 2.4Ghz
Australia - 2.4Ghz

How do radio remote controls work?

Radio Remote Controls , wirelessly operate an industrial crane using Radio Waves which can travel through air .A radio wave containing the data is sent to the receiver,which decodes the data and operates the crane.

What are the common types of radio remote controls?

There are two main types of Radio remote controls

- Push button Handheld type Remote Control Several buttons are arranged on a plastic housing depending on the type of machinery to be controlled. Handheld push button type controls have a single speed or dual speed option for each motion.

- Joystick Type Wireless Remote Control In a joystick type remote control, one of more joysticks are used to control a crane machinery. Joysticks can range from single to 5 steps giving greater speed control to the operator

What are radio remote controls used for ?

Radio Remote controls are portable high- tech communication devices used to control industrial machinery from a safe distance. They can be used for hoists, cranes & various robots.

What is the difference between IR and RF Remote Controls?

IR(Infrared) Remote controls are used to control appliances or machines over Direct Line of Sight operating in small distances. Whereas RF(Radio Frequency) Remote controls can be operated when line of sight with the appliance is not required or when the distances are greater .

What can interfere with Radio remote Controls?

Any unwanted signals in the radio frequency spectrum of interest can interfere with the desired signal.

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