Crane Radio Remote Controls for Industrial EOT overhead Cranes

Single & Dual Step/Speed Push Button type Wireless Remote

- Joystick Radio Remote Controls
- PWM & Analog output Radio Remote Controls
- Tandem (Syncronized) Pair Radio Remote controls - Integration with any PLC or Control Panel .
- Wireless Remote Controls Supplier for Single Girder EOT overhead Crane, Double Girder EOT overhead Crane, Jib Crane, Tower Crane, Gantry Crane, Goliath Cranes , Boom and Column Welding Machines, Hoists, SPM Machines, Blue Metal Stone Crushing Machines , Hydra Cranes , Hydraulic Machines, Proportional Solenoid Valves.
-Customized Wireless Controls for Sewage Tankers , Welding Machines.

Customized and Standard Industrial Wireless Remote Control Manufacturer for EOT overhead Cranes in India

RRC For Worldwide use in 2.4 Ghz Band.

Best Price Ultra Reliable Industrial Crane Remote Transmitters and Receivers for Wireless Operation of Cranes.

*Any type of Software & Hardware Customized Remote Controls Available.

*All Anand Products are Designed & Made in India.

*CraneSCADA compatible.

Premium Crane Remote Controls Designed & Made in India

EOT Crane Radio Remote Controls Manufacturer In India

Working principle of Radio Remote Control for overhead Crane.

An Industrial overhead Crane radio remote control has two units i.e. transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is the hand-held remote control, which is portable.

Every push button switch on the radio remote control creates a combination of data for the crane receiver. This data is first encrypted and is then transmitted to the receiver.

As soon as the receiver gets the data, it decodes and decrypts the data and switches on an assigned relay which activates the desired switch in the EOT Crane Control Panel.

The communication between Anand Transmitter and Anand Receiver happens more than 10 times in a second.

Transmitter can continuously monitor many parameters of the the communication link such as : a number of attempts for successful transmission, received signal strength, Link Quality Indication, missed packets , etc.

Anand Transmitters and Receivers use Automatic Frequency Hopping technique to continuously change the transmission frequency to avoid interference from undesired radio signals and increase the safety of the crane.

Radio Remote Control Working Principle

Our Wireless Crane Remote Controls are Trusted by the Industry Leaders

Radio Remote Control National Thermal Power Company
Radio Remote Controls client list

We provide free On-site demo of Radio Remote controls

If you want to upgrade from wired pendants to wireless remote controls to increase productivity or you want to upgrade your malfunctioning remote controls ,we can provide on-site demo of our crane radio remote controls to your maintenance & engineering team, in any location of India.

During the demo our team will explain the operation , features ,benefits , answer all your questions & solve any challenges you are facing.

Book your demo , by calling us at 9137620579 or emailing us at .

Operation of Radio remote control for cranes

Crane Remote Control for every Overhead EOT Crane and Hoist.

Standard Available Models

*all Models can have customized labels,customized Interlockings , customized functions .

ARC-601: 6 Button Single Speed Remote Control
ARC-602: 6 Button Dual Speed Remote Control
ARC-601 & ARC-602 Models have On/Off , MH Up/Down , CT Left/Right Keys

ARC-601 6 Way Radio Remote Control

ARC-801: 8 Button Single Speed Remote Control
ARC-802: 8 Button Dual Speed Remote Control
ARC-801 & ARC-802 Models have On/Off , MH Up/Down , CT Left/Right , LT Fwd/Rev Keys

ARC-801 8 Way Radio Remote Control

ARC-1001: 10 Button Single Speed Remote Control
ARC-1002: 10 Button Dual Speed Remote Control
ARC-1001 & ARC-1002 Models have On/Off , MH Up/Down , AH Up/Down , CT Left/Right , LT Fwd/Rev Keys

ARC-1001 10 Way Radio Remote Control

ARC-1201: 12 Button Single Speed Remote Control
ARC-1202: 12 Button Dual Speed Remote Control
ARC-1201 & ARC-1202 Models have On/Off , MH Up/Down , AH Up/Down , CT Left/Right , LT Fwd/Rev , Spare/Light Keys

ARC-1201 12 Way Radio Remote Control

Anand Radio Remote Controls are highly optimized & customized for your Electric Overhead Crane. We offer a wide range of Crane remote control system to accomplish two goals: minimize production downtime with extremely high reliability and Increase Safety by meeting the highest possible safety standards.Please find here the tips for selecting a radio remote control for your crane.

Radio Remote Controls

Anand Wireless Remote Controls are designed from the ground up for harsh Industrial Use.

Long Range Remote Control for Cranes - 100 Meters . +4dBm Maximum RF transmit Power.
Battery Life - 6 Months . Micro Amps Current Consumption. With Rechargable Battery Option.
Modern Switched Mode Power Supply 85-285 VAC
Operating Temperature - 0-60 Degrees celcius.
8 byte Digital Address per Unit. No Frequency Tuning Crystal Required.
IP 65 Protection for extremely Harsh Industrial use.
Misra C Standard Software.

Advanced Industrial Crane Radio Transmitter & Receiver

Image Description
Different features of the Transmitter system

Our Crane Wireless Remote Controls employ advanced Radio-Frequency circuit design and safe Embedded Software at the core level.

With unmatched safety and reliabilty you can configure your Radio Remote control according to your crane.

Highly Configurable and Customizable Transmitter

Anand crane Remotes have the ability to transmit and receive at a range of more than 200 meters line of sight at full power. Software programmed to have a custom range from 10 meters up to 200 meters according to user requirement without changing any hardware. Anand Remotes have been designed from the ground up to transmit signals over long distances at the lowest power possible.

Customized Range Radio Communication

Joystick Remote Control Transmitter & Receiver for EOT Cranes

Image Description
Different features of the Transmitter system

State of the art industrial Joystick based Remote Controls for Industrial Cranes and any kind of industrial machinery.

Upto 5 Steps per direction, Ergonomic Shoulder and waist Strap & Rechargeable batteries.

Customized Joystick Remote Controls . Made in India.Joystick Radio Remote Control Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore, Delhi , Chennai , Kolkatta .

Joystcik Radio Remote Controls For Cranes

Working Principle of Joystick Radio Remote Control

Instead of push buttons , Machines like cranes, hoists , welding equipment , etc can be operated with the help of Joystick remote control . Joysticks can move in 2 directions namely North / South and East / West.

Joystick remote controls can have upto 5 steps in each direction whereas push buttons can have a maximum of 2 steps. Therefore , the machine can be operated at 5 different speed levels in each direction.

Joystick can be configured in many different options such as spring return , latch type , interlockings , analog output , digital output.

Analog Joystick radio remote controls using potentiometers can be used to wirelessly control the speed of Variable frequency drives , proportional control of hydraulic pumps , etc.

Digital Joystick Radio remote controls using switches can be used to control the speed of Slip ring Induction motors Joysticks remote controls have a knob assembly on the top for easy operation and a flexible rubber boot to prevent dust & water ingress during operation .

Depending on the machine being controlled , there can be 1,2,3 or 4 dual axis joysticks or upto 8 single axis joysticks in a single remote control.

Because the joystick remote control is bulkier than push button remote controls , Anand systems engineering provides a waist and shoulder belt along with the system.


Reliably Control your Crane with Crane remote control.

Advanced closed loop communication between Transmitter and Receiver

Whenever you want reliable communication between the transmitter and receiver you require feedback.

  • The Anand transmitter and receiver have the capability of both transmitting and receiving. Hence whenever data is sent from the transmitter, the receiver transmits the feedback signal back to the transmitter.
  • Such communication between the transmitter and receiver happens more than 10 times a second. In the feedback message, the transmitter can understand various parameters such as reliability of the communication link, number of retries for a successful transmission,received signal strength,etc.
  • Feedback allows the transmitter to know if the receiver has received the transmitted signal correctly. Any faults or noise interference in the receiver can also be transmitted back to the transmitter. This allows the transmitter to be aware of the receiver environment at all times.

Removable highly secure memory module.

Anand Crane Remote Controls can be supplied with a removable highly secure memory module.

  • If one Crane remote control or receiver is taken for maintenance, the spare units can be activated by inserting the memory module.
  • This memory module contains all the settings of the Crane remote control.Any Setting can be changed accordingly.
  • No Need of any Programmer device.
Remote control Memory card module

Control 2 or more Cranes by one Transmitter

Tandem Mode is operated with the help of a Selector Switch.

  • During tandem mode, the Anand Remote is synchronized with multiple receivers .
  • Movements of both the cranes are synchronized and as soon as one crane receiver stops responding, the other crane receiver is given a stop command for safety reasons.
Tandem Mode Operation

All Radio systems have configurable 8 Byte Digital Address

  • A digital address is assigned to each remote control and receiver instead of tuning crystals present in old technology remote controls.
8 Byte Digital Address of each Radio system

Auto Power Control

Remote Control automatically adjusts transmit power. This save battery life of the remote control. Anand Remotes can be programmed to have an auto power control system where the signal power sent by the transmitter is reduced or increased according to the distance of the receiver from the transmitter. Minimum 6 Month Battery life Using the most modern microprocessors and advance radio frequency engineering anand systems guarantees that your batteries will last a long time. Anand Remotes Batteries last more than 1000 hours of use for a normal 8 hour shift. Radio Remote Goes to Sleep mode as soon as button is released and wakes up immediately on key press. Advance Radio Frequency Engineering uses least amount of radio power for signal to reach the receiver.

Watch our video for understanding Radio waves.

Download the Power Point Presentation : Understanding Radio Waves

Anand Receiver

Image Description
Radio Remote Control Button Configuration

Any Transmitter button can be configured to operate any number of relays

Radio Remote Control Internal Antenna

Omnidirectional 2.1dBi Internal Antenna for protection from Dust and external Enviroment

advanced safety circuits

Advanced Safety Circuit to shutdown relays incase of faults or malfunction.

Applications of Radio Remote Controls

Built for safe wireless operation for any kind of machinery.

EOT Cranes

Electric Hoists

Gantry Cranes

Goliath Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Tower Cranes

Image Description
Image Description

Anand Transmitter & Receiver Technical Data Specifications

Specifications of a remote control
Communication & Transmission Frequency
Frequency Band 2.4Ghz (Industrial ,Scientific & Medical )
Spread Spectrum Technology Direct Sequency Spread Spectrum
Number of Channels 16
Channel Bandwidth 2 Mhz
Co-Existance with multi Radios >100 Radios
Transmit Power Default:Auto Power
(configurable):-17dBm to +4dBm
Line of Sight Range 200 Meters
Communication Type Half Duplex Closed Loop
Reception Sensitivity -103 dBm
Mechanical Specification:
Push Button Single Step Double Step
Electrical Life 20,000 Cycles
Actuation Force 490 Grams 1st Step:600 Grams
2nd Step:1150 Grams
Button Type Tactile
Radio Antenna Internal
Operating Temperature 0 to 60℃
Led Indication Led 1:Power
Led 2:Battery Low
Led 3:Emergency
Led 4:Receiver Acknowledgment
Electrical Specification of Transmitter:
Operating Temperature 0-60℃
Battery Life Typical Operationg 4-6 Months
Low Power Indication 20% Battery Life remaining
Removable Config Card Yes.No Need of Copier device.
Emergency Stop Magnetic
Electrical Specification of Receiver:
Number of Relays 2 to 40 Relays
Relay Rating 250Vac 10Amperes/30Vdc
No Load Power Consumption 0.1 Watts
Main line Relay Indicator Red Bright Light
Power Supply 110Vac/230Vac/ 12VDC – 40 VDC
Tandem Operation Yes(Configurable)
Security Specification:
Advanced Encryption Standard 128 Bit AES Key
Software Standard Misra C Standard
Auto Main Line Shutdown Idle Time 10 Minutes(User Configurable)
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