Enclosed conductor line SLE is a hazard protected conductor systems for indoor and outdoor installations.

Safelink Enclosed Busbar

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Safelink Enclosed

Materials & Ratings

Copper - 40A,60A,80A,100A

Insulated Box type DSL

Image Description

Safelink Enclosed Busbar Product Description

It is protected to IP23 standards. The conductor line in a rigid gray PVC housing with different copper cross sections for rated currents of 40Amp to 200Amp. The current collector running in ball bearing are guided by the housing. The main is transferred by spring-stored carbon brushes. A compact design, corrosion resistance and easy installation are the main characteristics.

Safelink E busbar Profile

Safelink Enclosed Conductor System

Safelink M busbar 2 Dimensional picture

Applications of Enclosed DSL Busbar

For mobile power consumers like cranes, monorails, electrical hoists, conveyor systems, machines tools, automated storage, retrieval systems, lighting systems Etc.

Image Description

Safelink Enclosed Conductor System

Safelink M busbar 2 Dimensional picture

Electrical Specifications

Safelink Enclosed Specification

Voltage Drop

Safelink Enclosed Voltage Drop

Accesories Required

Center Power Feed

Accesories of pin joint busbar

Current Collector

The current collectors are made of re-inforced polyester fiberglass, for high strength and light weight. Spring loaded carbon brushes maintain uniform contact. Connecting cables and hinged or flexible towing arms included double collectors for transfer applications and higher amperage

Current Collector for Enclosed busbar


Grey color, plastic housing, 4 Mtr standard section. The ground conductors is identified by international color code. Phase reversing prevented by design of the collector and housing.Higher number of conductors possible by combination of several enclosed conductor line.

Plastic Enclosed Housing

End Cover

The open ends of the enclosed conductor are closed by end caps.

End Cover

End Power Feed

Line feeds or end feeds.

End Power Feed

Hangar Clamp

Hanger Clamp

Joint Cover

Joint Cover

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