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C - Track Rail Festoon system is a festooning system for smooth management of high current carrying cables used in EOT overhead cranes, hoists and any other industrial mobile equipment. This type of festoon system comes in various types and sizes.

C Track Rail Festoon

200+ businesses use Anand C Rail & C Track Festooning Systems for overhead Cranes

Anand C track comes in 3 Types

three different C Rails

30 Series Standard

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Standard Type

30 Series KRD Type

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KRD Type

40 Series KRD Type

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KRD Type

Ease Of Cable Management

They are used to organize the cables for ease of management and safety. The whole system is made up of many parts such as an extruded or formed profile with a cross Section in the shape of the letter C, clamps, trolleys & supports.

Without proper management, cables can become an entangled mess. This can lead to loss of production time, safety hazards, accidents ,money and time.Due to this the cables can also disconnect and cause a short circuit in an industrial environment.A detailed planning of cables leads to long life of the equipment, significantly reduce safety hazards & good maintenance and serviceability of the connected equipment.Hence, for a proper management of cable, C Rail Festoons are used as one of the cable management systems.

C Rail Festoon

Design of C Track Festooning System.

The C Track is designed in such a way that the small trolleys can move freely on the inside of the C track while carrying the cables.This kind of a cable management system allows the operator to move the cables from one end of the C track to another end exactly how a curtains roller works in our homes.This helps in improving the strength, reliability and performance of the overall product.


Length of the Festooning system

C tracks come in prefabricated lengths of 4 meters each. Depending on the length of the festooning system required, the C tracks can be joined together with the help of joints . To determine the length of the cable , first we need to know the length of the C track. Then we calculate the total required Sag of the cable when two cable trolleys touch each other.

C Rails

Placement of C Track Festooning System

Many different kinds of cables can be managed such as flat, round,etc. In overhead Cranes and hoists, usually one end of the cable is connected to the control panel, then the cable is festooned with the help of the roller trolleys and finally the other end of the cable goes to the hoist or any other mobile heavy-duty machinery which needs power and control. C rails are usually placed on the cross travel motion of a crane machineries and hoists.

C rail systems can also be used to connect the hand operated pendant cable to the control panel. This helps the operator of the overhead crane machinery or the hoist to move instead of operating the machine from a fixed location.

C Track Assembly

C Track Festooning System Detailed Description

You can find here the detailed description of each section of the C Track.

Each Section of the Anand C Track is well designed for harsh Industrial application.
C-rail systems are used for very different applications: crane manufacturing, hoist units, transport systems, conservation technology, special engineering, etc. C-rails are available in zinc-coated and stainless steel version. Special versions are available for explosion-proof areas. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. C-Track trolleys run in these steel formed C-track sections.

Cable Trolley for C track

Cable Trolley

A Cable Trolley is required for each flat cable loop between the End Clamp and Tow Trolley. Stainless steel trolleys have stainless steel body/saddle and stainless steel sealed rollers and hardware.

Towing Trolley for C track

Towing Trolley

One Tow Trolley is required for each track run. The unit has an opening in the body to accommodate the Tow Bar. Stainless steel trolleys have stainless steel body / saddle and stainless steel sealed rollers and hardware.

Fixed Trolley for C track

Fixed Trolley

A Fixed Trolley is required at one between the End Clamp and cable trolley. This prevents the cable trolleys to move outside the C-Track. Stainless steel trolleys have stainless steel body/saddle and stainless steel sealed rollers and hardware.

Fixed Trolley for C track

Hanger Clamp

This bracket mounts to Cross Arm Support Channels at two points to hang the C-Track. The clamping action of the support bracket eliminates the need for a separate anchor.

Fixed Trolley for C track

Supporting Bracket

Cross Arm Support Channels are mounted perpendicular to the I-beam or girder every 1.5 meter to support the main C-track channel. Made from heavy channel for added rigidity.

Fixed Trolley for C track

Joint Clamps

The bolted Track Joint securely connects track sections together end-to-end. One required at each track joint. Includes four bolts, lock washers, and nuts.


Advantages of C rails vs other cable management systems

Since cables in C Rail systems can enter and exit from any trolley, it is an adaptable and future proof system.

Easy to inspect and install visually.

Since each part of the system is made up of metal, the whole festoon can withstand very high temperatures.